I was born in 1969 in Sumperk, Czech Republic

- School of art – piano, popmusic arranging – Josef Audes
- Technical university Brno – software engineering

Since 1994 I compose music as a professional. I write music for theatre, songs and advertisment music. As regards to genre I´m not fixed.
I write contemporary and classical music too.

In present I most often write music for theatre – I have written music for more than 60 performances in many theatres in Czech republic and abroad. Most often I cooperate with following directors: Zdeněk Černín, Dodo Gombár, Pavel Polák, Zdeněk Novotný, Zdeněk Kaloč
and Jakub Nvota.

I´ve composed music for a few TV and documentary films. In TV there was also broadcasted a number of theatre performances for which
I´m co-author.

In 2000 I composed and recorded music for the film 24.

I also created jingles and key-signatures for a few radio stations.

I created many advertisment spots for radio, TV and cinema, mainly in years of 1995 – 2000.

An important chapter in my music life was a pop-rock group Senova. In 1993 we recorded a CD and made many concerts in the Czech republic.

At present I perform with my group DRRN and also with the men´s vocal and dancing group Ahoy. The repertoire of these groups are created together with Radim Novak, my excellent friend, lyricist, actor and dancer. I perform in the talkshows of famous czech artist, Bolek Polivka. With Hana Holisova (singer) and Petr Hojac (trumpet) we performed a chanson program. Also I perform as an actor in theatre performances.

I also arrange and record major part of music. I play a number of instruments – piano, guitar, bass guitar, accordeon, rhytmical and woodwind instruments. Other instruments plays and records leading performers in the Czech republic.

I´m represented by OSA and Aura- Pont.

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